our story
our story

the first chop chop wok opened its doors in july 2015 at khadda market karachi, with a small outlet meant for takeout and delivery, and it has really just taken off since then! although that outlet is no longer, it gave way to four other flourishing stores nationwide. each outlet promises a culinary experience that is true to our original motivation: offering a customizable meal to every customer.

everything was new: the long wooden tables for communal eating, the ipad ordering, the delivery of the food as soon as it was cooked, the simplicity of the serving and above all, the introduction of “3 step wok” — a delicious and customizable stir fry, served in individual portions. this famous stir fry is cooked on pressurized wok burners at up to 700°f which not only saves time in preparing meals but also ensures that the food retains most of its nutrients and is tastier.

chop chop wok CHOP CHOP WOK

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